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Bedlam in Google My Paradise (Business)

Bedlam in Google My Paradise (Business)

Don’t fear. You’re not alone.

Most of the influencers in the digital marketing space were left scratching their heads wondering what on Earth was going on with all time high in the measurable flux in their clients GMB listings.

As always, Google came up with an intelligent answer. In fact, so intelligent that it almost seems artificial.

If you run a small to medium business and haven’t heard of AI then its time to get ready for the changes coming your way.

In fact, the reality is that AI is already here. It has been purportedly used to determine organic rankings since 2018.

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Apple Maps Local Business Listings

Apple Maps Local Business Listings

How to get your Local Business Listed in Apple Maps Just when you thought all the focus was on Google, there is a very good reason why you should take 5 minutes of your time to see what Apple is up to. Breaking news informs us that iOS 6 Maps has replaced Google Maps…. read more
Shady SEO

Shady SEO

The Fifty Shades of SEO   There seems to be 50 shades of everything this month and so here I am to talk about some fairly common shady SEO practices and why this industry is in desperate need for some regulation. To clarify, this post is not about black hat, or… read more
Google+ Page Verification

Google+ Page Verification

NEW! Google+ Page Upgrade & Verification Process   On 4th August 2012 it was announced that the ability to verify your Google+ Local page had just rolled out. What this means is that the page you created in Google+ with the place in Google+ Local (formerly… read more

Backlink Removal Tools

Tools to help remove unnatural backlinks and get back in good with the Penguin   It’s official, backlink removal is the new business model. Google has been very active in rolling out new algorithm updates and have been sending out “Unnatural Links… read more

Google+ Local Business Pages

Google+ Local for Small Business   Research shows that 82% of all Australian’s now go online to find their local business services and of those 92% use Google. This is 12 times greater than the use of the Yellow Pages. Question is – when customers are searching… read more

Google Introduces The Knowledge Graph

The Google Knowledge Graph   Google recently introduced the Knowledge graph and has gone one step ahead in providing the most relevant search results to its users. This technology is based upon understanding the real world entities and their relationships. Now, a… read more


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