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The Google Knowledge Graph


Google recently introduced the Knowledge graph and has gone one step ahead in providing the most relevant search results to its users. This technology is based upon understanding the real world entities and their relationships. Now, a search query can be narrowed to match the entity you are looking for. In this way, you will get more relevant results. With this technology Google goes a step ahead of its major competitor Bing.
Google Knowledge Graph was released on 16th May 2012. This is the Google’s presentation of data to the world.

What exactly is this Google Knowledge Graph?

Knowledge graph is a search technology which would help you to find out new information quickly and easily. Knowledge graph would present before you the best possibilities of entities based upon your search query. Now after Google understands what exactly you are looking for, it would display a brief summary of your searched topic.
For instance searches including dates, popular facts, news, weather, currency conversions. The aim is to provide the end user with the knowledge within the interface of Google – therefore increasing the time spent on Google and reducing the bounce rate.