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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is SEO with a touch of marketing, social media and an all round approach to your inbound marketing needs.

Companies that traditionally only did Search Engine Optimisation are quickly realising that it just isn’t enough anymore. It is essential that all potential sources of internet and search engine marketing are investigated for each business and client.

Social media is now part of the search engines algorithm, Google Places has merged with Google+ Local in an attempt by Google to take on Facebook as a major social media player, and the list goes on. If you are not engaging in Search Engine Marketing as part of your overall plan then traditional old fashioned SEO just may not be enough anymore.

geoLocalSEO are all rounders when it comes to SEO/SEM. Experienced in all aspects of marketing online and small business experience to boot, the team can put it all into perspective for you in plain simple English so that you can understand what fields you should be playing in.


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