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Our Search Engine Optimisation Services are all about you and your business…


We know that our SEO services don’t fit into ‘packages’ as no two businesses have the same needs. This is why you won’t find ‘Gold’ ‘Silver’ or ‘Bronze’ SEO Packages here on this page. Our approach to your business needs does however focus on a common goal – earning the attention of your businesses prospects. Our SEO services are tailored to make it easy for your website to be found, but we use all available resources to draw in customers to your website and hold their hand during the conversion process.


Our Process works like this:

Phase I: Research & Audit

We meet with you to discuss your business, find out what you are trying to achieve, who your major online competitors are and what infrastructure you have already in place. We will ask for details of any content management system logins and Google accounts you may have to review your current site performance. We will also conduct an SEO audit to identify the major areas of concern and then tailor a solution that will meet your needs. Once we have completed this phase you will be provided with a proposal of the areas we identified as needing work, what we propose to do to optimise your site, how long it will take and how much it will cost.

Phase II: Structural & Technical Repair

Your website could be the most ‘flashy’ in the industry but without the proper technical infrastructure in place it will struggle to rank well in the search engines. If you don’t fix these issues up front, any SEO performed on the site is like ‘mopping with the tap running’. We will fix any technical & infrastructure issues in the first month of our SEO Services.

Phase III: Local SEO (Google+ Local formerly Google Places)

Google+ Local is the Search Engines own Sensis or Yellow Pages – an online directory that can drive traffic, phone calls and local business.  Google+ Local is our favorite and will soon be yours too. Two reasons 1.) These local results run from a different algorithm than organic search results and 2.) Changes made to a claimed and verified listing can be effective immediately so results can in some cases be instant. We always do this phase first because an unclaimed listing can take up to three weeks to verify thanks to Googles use of snail mail.

Phase IV: In the Thick of It

This is where we get elbows deep in your keywords, on-page and off-page SEO, review and refine your Adwords campaigns (if any), Social Media, Video optimisation or other SEO Service.

Phase V: Rinse & Repeat

This is our review and reporting period where we review what we have achieved and measure the success of the work completed. We use the data we collect to analyse and review our strategy with you to get the best results for your business.

When working with the team at geoLocalSEO you can rest assured that all activities undertaken throughout our SEO Services are strictly in adherence within the search engines quality guidelines. What does this mean…? We’re 100% white hat.


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