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Facebook Advertising & PPC

Often overlooked, Facebook has an incredible PPC platform that can be powerful if you put it to good use.

Facebook PPC Advertising is a highly engaging social media platform collects an enormous amount of demographic information that you can tap into to and narrow down your campaign to target pre-qualified prospects. For example, if you were offering services as a wedding planner, you could set up your Facebook PPC campaign to target Women, between the ages of 21-40, who have their status as ‘Engaged’ who live within a radius of 50km from your business location. This is highly detailed marketing which ensures your ads are relevant and you are not paying for clicks that are not likely to generate qualified traffic or business leads.

Facebook PPC campaigns can be structured so that the click through goes to your Facebook Business Page or your Website. It can be used to drive traffic as well as collecting fans that you can continue to market through your Facebook updates. Remembering that everytime you post an update on your Business Page, it is not only displayed on their timeline but all their friends timelines when they interact. Engagement (no pun intended) is the key.


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