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Newsletter & E-mail Marketing

The best customers are the one's you already have and Newsletter & E-mail Marketing can boost your sales immensely.

It might seem ‘spammy’ at first thought, or you just don’t know where to start but if you have visitors and exisiting customers you should, or should I say, must be keeping them in the loop with your product or service offerings on a regular basis.

Phase 1 of any e-mail marketing campaign is to build your list. This will be highly dependant on your business and industry but examples are collecting e-mails from people who already purchase from you. If you have a shop front, you may offer an incentive in exchange for their e-mail. You could run a Facebook campaign or even a competition on your website. There are endless possibilities but the aim is to gather as many e-mails from pre-qualified prospects as possible.

Never ever buy a list or e-mail to someone else’s list that you may have borrowed, the lack of response will be disheartening and the anti-spam laws may even catch up with you.

Phase 2 is to build your campaign. There are many programs you can use that will directly integrate with your content management system, our two favourites are Mail Chimp and Constant Contact. We then design a template that matches your branding and profession. Finally, we work with you to see what sort of e-mail campaign will work best for your business. For e-commerce it could simply be a matter of showing off your latest products and sale items, for others it could be information exchange to provide confidence in your brand and service.

Finally, the e-mail marketing campaign provides invaluable information to analyse and this is our favourite part. We can look into the statistics and find out where people are clicking, how many open your campaigns, which campaigns perform better than others and so forth. This is where our ‘Rinse and Repeat’ process excels.

As a rough idea, on average 10-30% will open an e-mail, 5-10% will click through to your website and 3-5% will convert. What would these figures mean for your business if you had 20,000 on your e-mail database?


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