Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing – use the power of leverage to boost your sales volume.

Affiliate marketers generally are very good at driving traffic through multiple channels. As a business owner you can take advantage of Affiliate programs to increase your sales volume whilst only parting with a small commission (5-15%), of sales that you may not have otherwise had.

There are many Affiliate Marketing programs available for merchants and geoLocalSEO can advise which ones are most suitable for your industry and website. For an eCommerce site, it is possible to use your content management system to integrate with the affiliate program so a datafeed of products is kept up to date.

Along with banners and text advertising, these can all drive some serious pre-qualified traffic to your site. Interesting fact, the conversion rate for sales generated from affiliate links are often higher because the lead has already gone through a pre-qualification step to click on a link to get to your website.