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SEO for Lawyers

When it comes to SEO for Lawyers there can be more at stake than your rankings in Google.

Growing your legal practice’s visibility online is one thing but protecting your reputation and your licence to practice is another.

Before you employ any SEO firm you need to understand what tactics they will be using to improve your rankings. Many inexperienced SEO companies will use spammy link building techniques such as spinning poorly written content and publish in article directories to ‘build your brand’ and others may even use your name and reputation to comment on blogs in exchange for a link back to your site.

As a lawyer, it is important that you shall not make false or misleading communication about the lawyer or lawyers services. And therefore posting fake, false, or misleading blog comments, online content, tweets, facebook status updates, and client testimonials potentially violate this rule.

SEO for Lawyers the ‘Correct Way’

The truth is there is much you can do to enhance your visibility online. There are many firms that are seeing great value for their practice with SEO for lawyers.

There are many technical aspects to optimising your website however the best advice that we can give is to create compelling content that is unique and ads value to your users.

You can be strategic in your SEO campaign by targetting key areas of practice, your geographical location and by publishing web content around these two factors that will encourage your readers to pick up the phone or fill in the enquiry form.

So, if you are considering SEO for your legal firm, make sure that you fully understand the tactics that will be used, ensure you have creative control over any content that is published or you may stand to lose rather than gain.

geoLocalSEO have extensive experience with SEO for Lawyers. Some of our past and current legal clients include:

Our approach means that you and your firm have full control over the content that is published and our documented approach allows full transparency of the processes and tactics used to improve your rankings in the SERP’s. For an obligation free chat about our services and to find out more about how we can help your online visibility contact the team at geoLocalSEO.