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Google Introduces The Knowledge Graph

The Google Knowledge Graph   Google recently introduced the Knowledge graph and has gone one step ahead in providing the most relevant search results to its users. This technology is based upon understanding the real world entities and their relationships. Now, a…

Understanding Search

An infographic with insight into search… This search infographic / learning tool not only shows you how to get a better search result in Google, but for business owners and website owners it gives you an insight on how Google deals with synonyms and…

Google+ Update Improves Cover Photos

A minor Google+ update rolling out over the next few hours makes managing cover photos easier.   Google+ will now automatically resize new cover photos to fit their non-standard slot. Users can then drag and drop the photo within the frame to perfect the fit….

Penguin or Penalty?

Rankings taken a dive?   Here’s how to tell if you have been affected by Penguin Algorithm Update or have actually received a penalty in Google. So, you have done some searches and where you were ranking you now are not. If this is a recent change (i.e….

Google Penguin Algorithm Update

There’s been a lot of talk about Penguins and Pandas in the SEO world recently… Rather than launch into a technical spiel about the advantages and setbacks of each of these highly important Google algorithm updates, ReLoad Media thought they’d just pop all of…